Saturday, January 18, 2014

Leaf Day

There are a few issues I have with home ownership,
one of them being the fact that no one is going to come take care of the lawn for you
(unless you pay someone to do that and I'm way too cheap)
which also means no one is going to come and rake our leaves.
And boy do we have leaves.
This is a problem that does not bother Michael one bit.
I can't explain it, I just don't like the leaves.
Yesterday Michael and I had a free day, so I forced him to help me take care of our leaf situation.
Can you tell how happy he is about spending the day with leaves?
In our defense, we are not the only ones on the street with a leaf problem.
Usually we are, which adds to the pressure for me, but since all the other yards are covered in leaves,
it wasn't as big of a deal to me, so we only cleared the leaves off the driveway and areas that blow leaves to the front door.
That's right.
All those bags, plus the trashcan full of bags, and our entire yard is still covered in leaves.
It feels so good to pull into the driveway, and walk up to the door, and not step on dead gross leaves.
So, that was our day.
We like to keep it fun and crazy over here!
In other news - I used the word leaves so many times in this post.
Way too many times.

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