Monday, January 27, 2014

AFC Weekend

Michael and I are a little biased, but we have always advised the youth kids to attend a Christian university over a public one,
that is, until we started getting to know the AFC group.
AFC (Aggies for Christ) are students from Texas A&M who go to the A&M church of Christ.
Their group does mission work, week long trips at children's homes, inner city work with kids, and weekly devotionals on campus.
A big part of their group is the weekend trips that they take over the semester.
They travel to different churches, doing service projects, devotionals, and just having fun with the youth group.
Apparently last year I was too busy studying to write about our Aggie weekend, but you can read about our first weekend with the Aggies here.

The weekend always starts Friday night with a mixer, dessert, and a devotional.
You wouldn't believe the excitement of our youth kids while they wait for the AFC group to arrive.
They are absolutely giddy!
Our kids have so much fun playing games, and hanging out with the college kids.
My favorite part was the devotional.
It is not often that I get to experience that kind of singing anymore.
It was an every day kind of thing back in college, and one of the things that I miss most about those days.
^^Mixer game
^^Favorite thing about the weekend!!
I look forward to the AFC weekend every year mainly because it means I get 3 whole days with this girl!
I can't believe this is her last year to come on this trip, and that she is graduating and getting married soon  - where has the time gone??
I am so proud (but not surprised) of the woman she has grown in to.
I couldn't be more blessed by Claire and her friendship!

Saturday is usually spent playing basketball and doing service at the Brookwood Community,
but scheduling changed a little this year and most of Saturday was spent at our church.
The big project was painting a mural in our children's wing.
One of our youth girls has been working on this for Girl Scouts Gold Award.
Our youth and the Aggies spent all day working on it and I am so impressed with the results!
^^The before.
^^Youth and Aggies painting.
^^This girl free-handed these hands of Jesus.
^^My favorite part of the mural. So good!
^^The baptism of Jesus painted by some of our youth girls.
I am blown away by their talent!

After dinner on Saturday we went out to the Brookwood Community for a talent night.
I was surprised by how many residents remembered us, and were so happy to see our group again.
The Aggies did skits, the youth group sang songs, and we all did kareoke.
It was so much fun!
^^The residents love Michael, but especially Michelle.
I'll try to post some videos later this week.

We ended the weekend with an Aggie-led worship service Sunday morning, lunch together, and then a goodbye meeting.
We were so blessed by the Aggies this weekend!
It is an exhausting couple of days, but it comes with too many blessings to count!
I hope that the Aggies can continue to come to our church for many years to come.

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