Saturday, September 22, 2012

Man of the House

Last month, in this post, I wrote about the generosity of the youth group parents,
and yesterday, we got to pick up our gift.
We have been wanting a chair, or recliner to go in our living room for quite a while.
We really needed the extra seating, 
and Michael wanted a "man of the house" chair.
We looked around a little bit at Home Goods, but didn't find anything we loved.
Then I remembered that when we ordered our couches, there was also a chair in the set.
Lucky for us, there were still a few left!
We love it, and Buster loves it (he has a clear view of the front door)
We did have to change the set up of the living room a little bit, 
but we are pretty happy with the outcome.
We felt overwhelmed by the generosity of the parents the day they gave us the gift, 
and will continue to feel blessed every time we sit in our new chair.
God has truly blessed us with amazing support through our parents and teens, and we could not be happier.


  1. Love it! You two are really blessed.

  2. The chair really looks great in there! I think that is so awesome of them! Can't wait to see it/sit in it sometime :)


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