Thursday, September 27, 2012

College Visit

Every fall Michael takes time to visit our JV Youth alumni at their various universities.
Last weekend if was College Station!
We have 3 kids there, and we got to take 2 of them to dinner, along with one of the boys from camp this summer. 
Of course, we couldn't and wouldn't go to College Station and not see Claire and Trey, 
so they joined us too.
We ate at a delicious place called Koppe Bridge, where you can eat the best fried pickle spears in the world, and carve you initials in the table.
 We also took a few of our high school girls because they missed their BFF.
We had so much fun spending time with all the college kids.
It was way too short, but so wonderful!

*On a related note: Texas A&M University is HUGE!
Like, gigantic.
My little OC self was not prepared for the vastness of campus, or the large quantities of people walking around.
I would not make it.

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