Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Real Life

Sometimes I get annoyed by modern phrases.
For instance: 
1) Yolo - You Only Live Once. 
Obviously, but why do you have to keep pointing it out? 

2) Smh - Shaking my head
Are you really shaking your head?
I didn't think so.

3)Is this real life?
No. You're in a dream. Like Inception.
Of course its real life!

Today I had an "Is this real life" moment though.
There was really no other statement that could cover how I was feeling.
It really doesn't seem like real life in Houston.
But I am loving it, and I hope it continues!

*I also get really annoyed by screenshots of the weather app, 
but that's for a different post!

I guess sometimes the only way to express oneself is through modern annoyances.
And yes, I am calling the post (and myself) annoying.
But only today.

1 comment:

  1. i am also easily annoyed by people who say 'yolo' ! do you really need to say it every 10 minutes? haha


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