Monday, September 10, 2012

Friday Night Lights

Last year, some of the kids in our youth group put together a monthly event for the kids. 
It is called Friday Night Lights.
It takes place every first Friday of the month, and there is pizza, a fun activity, 
and a boys/girls Bible study. 
This past Friday we went to Pump It Up and it was so much fun!
It is a huge place, full of inflatables.
I loved it.
It was also great to see so many kids show up to spend time together on their Friday night.
I was never that kid.
Mostly because I was involved in every single sport, and if not playing a sport, I was with my friends. 
Plus, we lived a good distance from the church, so it was difficult to get there after my activities.
Anyways, it is so encouraging to see so many kids wanting to spend time with other Christians.
Here are some pictures of the night:

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