Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Getting Cultured

Saturday night Michael and I got the opportunity to enjoy a little bit of culture. 
A sweet couple at church gave us their tickets to the Houston Symphony 
because they were out of town, and we loved it.
We got all dressed up,
My new necklace that I'm kind of obsessed with
went downtown,
and we had incredible seats.
3rd row.
It was the Houston Symphony Pops concert, 
and the theme was Hot in Havana.
The first half was just the symphony, combining classical music with Latin music.
We absolutely loved the first half.
After intermission it went a little downhill.
There was a Cuban band, and they were really close to us, and loud,
and it just wasn't our favorite.
So we left before they did their encore...
and went to Steak and Shake.
We can only handle so much class in one evening, you know.
I hope everyone had a great long weekend!


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