Monday, May 28, 2012

Fair and Aware

Spending a couple days in Galveston was just what we needed.
We stayed at a hotel on the seawall, 
but this was as close as we got to the beach.
It was super windy, and our hotel had a great pool, so we passed on the sand.
Even without the beach though, our time there was perfect!
On the road to Galveston
Pool time
Dinner at Salsa's
Breakfast at IHOP
Reading by the pool
(Don't worry about how red my leg looks, the filter I used on the photo did that)
However, I did get a little bit sunburned.
Not bad for me though.
Speaking of my skin, I had the weirdest experiences with strangers regarding my skin while we were there.
2, yes 2, old men came up to me and said,
"You're really pale/fair, do you have sunscreen?"
I mean, I fully aware of my paleness, but I have never had someone else point it out to me.
It was very strange.
And after the second guy (who was really concerned) we decided to leave.
Other than that, it was the perfect little break.

Happy Memorial Day!


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