Friday, November 18, 2011

Sweet Surprise

Today I received the best birthday present EVER!
I walked into my house this morning (after approx. 4 hours of sleep) to see my parents standing there yelling "SURPRISE!!"
I could not have asked for a better birthday surprise!
All I wanted was to spend the weekend with my family, and they delivered.
It made me so, so happy.
I am so blessed to have parents that will travel so far for me!
And a husband who will keep a secret for 4 months...when he is the worst secret keeper on earth.
I guess this post should really be title, Blessed Birthday, because that is what it is.
So wonderful. And so blessed.
And if that's not Dad got a video of it all.


  1. Yay!!! the surprise looked so cute!

  2. Not even gonna lie. I cried. I know what it's like to live far away from your parents. What a fun surprise for you!!

  3. Michael got some great pictures!

  4. Oh I was definitely crying too, Emily!! It was perfect!


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