Monday, November 21, 2011

Breaking Dawn

Where was I when my parents got to Houston on Thursday night??
Well, class.
But then, I was at the midnight premier of Breaking Dawn.
It was complete madness!!
The box office man told me that people had been camping out at the theater since 11 that morning. 
For the midnight showing.
He also told me that they were using all 18 theaters for the midnight showing.
And they were all sold out.
Are you kidding me?
Anyways, I went with some friends from school and it was so much fun!
We arrived at 10:30 (pm...duh!) and barely got 3 seats together.
They were in the last row.
Which turned out to be perfect because we could take as many pre-movie pictures as we wanted.
And we wanted alot.
You would have never guessed we were the graduate students in the crowd. :)
(Lesley has all the fun ones...I'll post those some other day!)
The movie was amazing!!
Extremely cheesy, over the top, a little chilling, and awkward, but I completely loved it!
And, I totally called the ending.
Like exactly.
No spoilers here! I won't say anything else!
But go see it!
 Yep. We were those girls!
This was my first midnight showing of a movie...and it was such a blast!
I love these girls so much, and I already want to go see it again!


  1. First of all.. I can't believe this was your first midnight showing! Second.. By predicting the end, you just mean where they cut it off? Third.. I can't believe the back row was open! I would have guessed you'd be stuck in the very front!

  2. Yeah, first midnight showing...check that off the bucket list!
    And yes, I mean I predicted where it would end. We were talking about it before the movie started.
    Umm, the seats weren't necessarily together...we had to ask people to scoot over to make it three together! haha!


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