Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Monsters University

As I've mentioned before, Michael and I love a good costume.
And we will take any excuse to dress up for something...especially with the youth group.
This time, it was the movie Monster's University.
We have dressed up for movies before:
Summer 2009 and Summer 2010
and we couldn't pass up the opportunity to dress up for this movie!
I cannot tell you how many random strangers we took photos with at the movie.
Most of the children were scared of us.
Most of the teenagers took photos of us across the lobby, instead of with us.
And everyone thought that we worked for the theater.
I chose not to inform them that we are just weirdos.
We had so much fun though.
I am seriously considering packing up, moving to Orlando, and becoming a Disney character!
What makes it even more fun, is when other people dress up with you.
This family had awesome costumes!
They even researched the movie and dressed accordingly.
It was so much fun, and now Michael and I are looking for our next costume opportunity.

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