Thursday, June 20, 2013

A Little Catch-Up

I'm such a bad blogger.
Summer started, and Michael and I got really busy with the youth group,
we went on a mission trip where I didn't have much access to blogging...
and then my brain turned to mush.
It could be the total lack of sleep, or the small amounts of technology, or just summer laziness.
Who knows.
Here is a little bit of what we have been up to since the last post:

- Sixth Grade Sunday
We started the afternoon by going to the new 6th graders homes and "kidnapping" them.
I can't tell you how excited these kids were.
They had huge smiles all day long.
After picking them up, we went to one of the new trampoline places close to the church.
New 6th Graders
Intern Luis!!
I made it to the top of the pyramid
Michael being Michael
- Finding Kind Girls' Retreat
The first Friday and Saturday after the kids got out of school was the retreat that I put together for the girls.
We had a screening of the Finding Kind documentary while at Memorial, and I loved it,
so I was very excited to show it to the JV girls.
We have been having a little bit of girl drama/mean girl attitudes this past year,
and that is what I focused the retreat on.
We had 3 lessons, watched the documentary, had craft time, went out to dinner, had a scavenger hunt at the mall, and spent lots of time getting to know each other.
Overall, I was very happy with how the retreat went, and I hope that at least a few things I had to say sunk in with the girls. 
Speed Dating
My favorite part of the day was an activity that I found on Pinterest.
One at a time, each girl sat in front of a white board.
As they sat there, all the other girls came and wrote a short description of them.
Before the girls were allowed to turn around and read what was written about them, I took a picture.
It was so neat to see their faces when they turned around and read their description.
Before the end of the sleepover, we printed their picture and put it in the frames they had made.

- Beach Day
This week we took the youth group to Galveston for the day.
It was the perfect time to get away and relax a little bit at the beach.
We brought lots of sand, and burned skin back with us, but everyone had a great day.
Blessed to have my great friend Helen to spend the day with!

- There was also a mission trip in there somewhere, but it deserves it's own post, if not two!
It will come soon.
In other news - I finally got my license number, signed the contract, and will be starting work as a real LMFT-A next week!
I am so excited to get back to doing what I love!

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