Sunday, September 4, 2011

Let's Go to the Movies...The Drive-In Movies

When people come into town they always ask us, "What's there to do in Houston?" or "What should we do while we are in Houston?" and our best answer is usually "eat Mexican food!"
I think we have finally found something I would recommend to out-of-town (and in-town actually) visitors.
 We took the youth group on Friday night and we had so much fun!
It only costs $5 to see 2 movies!!
We only stayed for one because we didn't want to get back really late.
We brought out our lawn chairs, blankets, stereos, and candy and set up to watch the Smurfs.
It rained (sprinkled really) for about 2 minutes when we first got there, but it made it a much cooler evening and we had perfect weather for sitting outside at a movie.
Our candy for the movie
Waiting for it to start
Some of the youth playing teatherball - Great sky!
The Smurfin Movie - So cute and funny!
Girls Pic!
After the movie
So if you are ever in Houston, or if you life here now, you should definitely spend an evening out at the drive-in. 
It is a Houston "must-do" according to us!


  1. Could you see the picture okay? We went to the one here and it was okay if it was a daytime setting, but if it was a dark setting, we could hardly see it at all! We liked it because it's so cheap, but Jonathan doesn't want to go back because of the screen..

  2. We could see it great! They didn't have it on when it was daylight, so I don't know about that, but at night you could see it just like a regular movie screen. You could even see the picture on the screen at the other end of the drive-in.


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