Monday, September 5, 2011

For the Love of...Blazers

One of my fall fashion "must-haves" are blazers.
I absolutely love them!
They are the perfect item to wear when you are feeling casual, but want to look a little more classy.
With Oliver this past Spring
Last year I got this gray one for Christmas and wore it every day that I could until it just got too hot (which only took about 2 months...darn tropical weather)
And this year, they are back...only in every color you can imagine.
Here are some of my recent blazer Pins:
If you are as in love with this fashion trend as me, then go to Forever 21.
I just bought a navy blazer there for $21!
That's right. 
A lovely, navy blazer for under $25!
They have them in every color...and every price range.
I decided to go with the cheapest one just because I figured it would last as long as the trend does. 
What trends are you loving for this fall?

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