Monday, September 26, 2011

Finally Fall

Friday was the official first day of fall.
I hoping that it means some cooler temperatures are headed our way soon.
I'm sure it will still be at least another month before the highs are anywhere near the 70s, but I can dream.
Anyway, I wasn't at home on the Friday (I was at the AAMFT Conference, but that's a later post) so I celebrated today.
Hobby Lobby had all their wreaths, and wreathing (probably not a word) materials on 50% off last week, so I figured it was the perfect time to make something like this that I found on Pinterest. 
 I started with a twine wreath, but forgot to take a picture.
Then, I took some fall picks of leaves, cut the leaves off, and hot glued them around the wreath.
(You can also buy the leaf garland, but the picks are better quality)
 Then I took another fall pick, cut the pieces off...
 and glued them around the wreath.

 Last, I took a "J" that I found for $2 in the craft section and tied it on the wreath with ribbon.
Then you just hang it on the door.
I didn't have a hook, so I had to wait until I bought one, and it was a little dark outside.
What do you think?
Have you made any fun Fall crafts


  1. That is adorable! Next time, just go ahead and make me one too.


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