Sunday, April 20, 2014

Everywhere You Look...

Over a month ago Michael and I took a trip to California.
We went because Michael's good friend and college roommate was getting married in Sacramento.
After looking at ticket prices, we decided that if we were going to pay all that money to get out there, we might as well stay awhile and make a trip out of it.
We decided to leave on a Thursday, and return on a Monday.
You know, just making a long weekend out of it.
It wasn't until we were on the plane that we realized that this trip is the exact same length as our trip to Seattle this past August.
Two vacations in one year? (our year calendar will always be August to July)
We weren't sure what Sacramento had to offer for 5 days, so we chose to stay in San Francisco.
I was so excited!
I had never been to California, and out of all the cities, this is the one that I would want to visit first.

Early Thursday morning we were off to the airport.
After a bit of a long flight, made longer by all the fluids I drank and the lack of bathroom usage,
we made it to San Francisco.
Had to document this from our flight.
Michael reading!
He finished the entire book, and loved it.
As soon as we landed, we went to pick up our rental car.
Michael was so excited that he had gotten us a sedan instead of a coupe.
We quickly found out why the sedan was such a great deal:
The streets in San Fran are tiny.
The parking lots are non existent. Literally.
And if you happen to find a parking spot, you will be lucky to fit your sedan in to it.
Oh and bonus - our hotel charged us $40 per day to park there.

Our first stop in San Francisco was Alamo Park to see the Painted Ladies.
My early childhood self was thrilled.
I always thought I would feel just like Michelle Tanner running around in the grass,
and somehow I look more like Aunt Becky.
I'm not complaining, it was just a weird realization.
^^I had a great time looking at the Ladies, and taking lots of pictures with my Uncle Jesse.
Of course, we couldn't leave that part of town without seeing the actual home of Full House.
^^The years have changed it just a little.
Next, we were off to check in to our hotel, and freshen up a bit.
We had both been pretty warm at Alamo park, so we decided to change.
Bad decision.
The one piece of advice everyone gave us about going to San Francisco was "bring a jacket"
Well, I brought a jacket with me, but the bare legs under my dress were freezing!
Our hotel was smack in the middle of Fisherman's Wharf, and it is the best place to stay in the city!
There are so many great restaurants and entertainment places within walking distance.
Our first restaurant choice was Boudin Bakery, thanks to a recommendation by Michael's cousin.
^^This guy is making the best sourdough bread I've ever tasted.
^^They even have sourdough bread animals.
Michael and I both opted for the bread bowls with soup.
They were amazing!
Lick the bowl clean type of amazing.
^^Clam Chowder
We after dinner we spent time walking along the pier, and seeing the sights.
^^Pier of seals
There were so many.
^^First view of the Golden Gate Bridge
^^I have a thing with boats, and piers at sunset.
There's just something so peaceful and quaint about it.
^^It was windy, we were blocking Alcatraz, and I'm doing something freaky with my legs.
^^One last view of the pier and our favorite restaurant.
By sundown, I couldn't handle shivering anymore, so we went back to the hotel for another change.
This time I took everyones advice and wore a jacket, and sweater, and a scarf.
Our last stop of the day was Ghirardelli for sundaes and hot chocolate.
I chose the Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate,
and Michael chose the original sundae.
Both were delicious.
We also both got a free square of chocolate on our way out of the store.
The perfect ending to our first day in San Francisco.

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  1. Thanks for encouraging me to read more and making me a better person everyday. Love you and our Full House of us 2 and Buster!


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