Sunday, March 30, 2014

College Visit at OC

Another weekend, another trip.
This time it was a college visit with some teens to Oklahoma Christian.
This is the 4th time we have taken kids from the youth group to visit our alma mater.
We skipped last year and watched Spring Sing online,
and it just about killed us, so we knew we had to take the kids this year.
We left on Thursday and got to OC late that night.
We spent all of Friday on campus going to chapel, taking a tour, hanging out in the student center, and going to the academic fair to learn about the degrees there.
Well, the kids did all those things.
Michael and I took time with some of our best friends to go to lunch and catch up.
^^Just handing out in the rented church van.
It was so great to have time with them while we were in Oklahoma.
We always just wish it was more.
That night, we took the kids to the Spring Sing show. 
I'm not sure what happens to me when the lights go out and that first blurb comes on,
but something just takes over and I can't be held responsible for how excited I get,
and how much I scream (for Gamma)
Adding to my excitement was watching some of our old Memorial youth kids on stage.
 ^^These were some of the first kids we ever brought to OC,
and now they are students and have mastered the art of the Spring Sing face!
I couldn't be more proud!
Saturday was a day to be off campus, seeing what OKC has to offer.
Of course, we were in Oklahoma, so the weather had changed drastically from the day before.
It was freezing!
Our first stop was the Animal Sanctuary to play with cats.
For a group who really doesn't love cats (we were hoping to play with the pups)
we spent a good amount of time with them.
Next stop was CVS for a lint roll, and then Ted's for lunch!
The kids were shocked that each person got their own salsa, queso, and tortillas.
Plus, the food is just delicious.
Next we went to Bricktown, and made a super quick stop at the OKC Bombing Memorial.
It was so cold.
No matter how cold you are, you can't walk through this place and not be touched.
We spent some more time in Bricktown,
mostly because my family was there and I wanted to see them,
and then we ended the day with dinner at Hideaway Pizza.
The low point of the weekend came on Sunday, when only 1 of the 5 teens made it to church with us.
None of the others were up or ready or answering their phones when we came to pick them up,
so they got left.
It was sad. And I was disappointed.
I think that through it all, the kids were able to gain a better understanding of the importance of not only attending church, but partaking in communion each week.
I think it also helped them to see how much we care about them, and their spirituality,
while also teaching them that Michael and I are adults and to be respected.
We love these kids, and all the kids in the youth group so much, 
and we really do want them to succeed in all aspects of life, especially spiritually.
*Sidenote: The kids told us that we will be great parents because we are really good at making people feel bad. 
I'll call that a compliment, and a success.
All considered it was a great weekend at OC.
I'm so thankful to have called that place home for 4 years, and to be able to go back and connect with old friends so easily!


  1. wish we could have seen you while you were in town

  2. It also hard to explain mexican food to people not from oklahoma. You mean I have to pay for cheese sauce and share with my family.


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