Saturday, March 29, 2014

Celebrating Claire

The next weekend was all about Claire and Trey, 
and was full of celebrations for them and their upcoming wedding.
This time, we were in Longview, TX.
I have heard so much about Longview from different people that have lived there, 
especially Claire's Mom, Laurie, and I was so excited to experience it!
The weekend started with a girls car ride out to Longview with Claire, her mom, and sister-in-law.
There was lots of chatting, laughing, and talk of wedding plans,
all of which are among my favorite things!
Once in Longview, we went straight to Trey's parents house,
spent time with his family, and getting to know everyone,
and then it was off to the neighbor's house for us girls to get some sleep before all of the parties.
 At least, that was the idea.
But when you are in a house with some of your best friends, sleep is the last thing on your mind.
Again, there was lots of chatting, laughing, and talk of wedding plans!
Saturday came early, but after a little coffee we were ready for the first wedding shower.
This was a different kind of shower than I had ever been to.
It was a Pampered Chef shower, where the guests come and go, and purchase the couple gifts from the PC catalog, along with a wishlist made by the couple.
It was so much fun, and made easy because you don't have to bring a gift!
They did have one gift to open from the hostesses, as well as several cards and recipes from guests.
^^Aren't they just the cutest?!
^^Us girls at the shower
The rest of the day was spent with Claire's family celebrating baby Luke's birthday, 
eating delicious Pizza King and Kern's Bakery,
and getting to know Trey's extended family through fun family games!
I have know Trey's immediate family for awhile now, but spending time with his extended family just confirmed for me what a wonderful family Claire is marrying into.
Sunday brought with it another wedding shower, and some much colder temperatures.
By the time the shower started in the afternoon, the temperatures had dropped 20-30 degrees, and severe rain/ice/snow was headed our way.
During the shower though, we were warm and cozy surrounded by the most adorable decorations.
^^Bridesmaids at the shower
^^Again, they're precious!
^^Best friends or sisters??
Yeah, we're not quite sure either.
I'm so happy that I was able to be there to celebrate this beautiful friend all weekend.
It is so wonderful to see how many people love them, and will be supporting them as they begin their lives as husband and wife.
Like I mentioned earlier, the weather was quickly getting worse.
Luckily we were able to get out before it got too bad, and it didn't follow us for long,
but our dear friend Sarah was all alone, and had one of the worst drives of her life.
She was headed to Dallas, straight through all the sleet and ice and snow.
We were extremely worried, and after several phone calls we got her a room at a cozy bed and breakfast, allowing her to stop and relax.
Then we were all allowed to breath out a sign of relief.
It was a very exciting weekend, and I was honored to be included!
Can't wait for many more fabulous celebrations leading up to the big day for the incredible couple!

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