Saturday, September 14, 2013

JV Youth and Other Recent Happenings

Michael has asked me why I haven't blogged lately. 
I have wanted to blog, I just have nothing to blog about.
Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining about things slowing down over here,
but it doesn't make for very interesting posts.
We have been consistently busy with the youth group though, so I might as well write about that.
We started the year by ordering some new youth group t-shirts.
 Our friend Kevin designed them (in no time!) and we love them!
 Our first event of the year was an Outreach Event and it was a great success.
We had several visitors, games were played, pizza was eaten, and Jesus was taught.
What more could we ask for?
That same week we took the youth to Mountasia, and told them to bring friends.
Again, we had several visitors!
It makes me so happy that these kids are not afraid to ask their friends and bring them to our events.
They are awesome!
We played arcade games, mini golf, bumper boats, and rode go-karts.
Unfortunately, we did all these things with about a million mosquitoes on us.
My favorite part was the batting cages!
I can't remember the last time I was in a batting cage.
We did 2 rounds of approx 20 pitches.
I did the slow pitch softball machine first, and then the fast pitch softball.
I didn't think I would hit any on the fast machine, but my batting average actually went way up.
I paid for it the next few days when I could not move my forearms, abs, or back.
Man it hurt!

Other than youth group, things are pretty slow.
I am still working, building up clients slowly.
Michael is busy with his 5 fantasy football leagues, and all the games that entails.
We have both been sick with a cold/allergies this past week.
And we are loving watching our Sooners rack up the Ws!!
Oh, how we love Fall!

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